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I had 7 grandparents: perhaps I was fortunate to receive 75% more than most. In October, with the passing of my mother, the last of my direct predecessors left this Earth. It is strange to be an orphan; although, I still have countless lessons from them all.

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I think there's something about cherry blossoms that trigger a line of thinking - I was in Kyoto for the cherry blossoms last week and the passing of loved ones, ancestors, beauty, art, relationships were swirling in my mind against this spring backdrop.

Love the poem at the end!

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AMAZING!! I can't believe you even considered *not* publishing this.

Your experience with butoh is just inspiring. I feel like I got to know you.

I am saving the song by Norah Jones. Thank you.

Eager to read your next post.


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Lots of gems in here Ken! I find “Despair is a gift” is in a similar vein to Billie Jean King’s “pressure is a privilege.” Thanks for sharing.

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